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Hospital / Healthcare Assets

Covid19 has highlighted the need for quality healthcare assets as all Hospitals saw lines of patients ready to pay for treatment and number of beds were being used at optimum. IGNIS has been dealing in Hospital Assets on Pan India basis. Hospitals is today a great business as with disposable income citizens want the best healthcare for their family and look for Hospital brands which have best in class facilities which match international standards. Today Private Hospitals are offering a steady source of income to owners.

Herein, we represent both the sides of the coin:-Owner /Developers – Many clients seeks assistance and advise on What to build, Where to build, How to build, How much to invest, With Whom to associate with, etc.. 

IGNIS offer various services to the Hospital Owners and Developers such as Brand Tieup, Hospital project, and Site Feasibility, Hospital Lease, optimum brand search, selection of business model, negotiations, facilitating the legal documents with the emphasis on the key components of the agreement. 
Our scope doesn’t end here; we support our clients during the pre-opening time and initial teething problems.

We also assist in Sale of Hospitals and help Hospital chains expand

We can also help our clients with International Hospital Assets . You can mail us at to start a discussion

Make an investment in Hospital Assets today!

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IGNIS offers a range of real estate investments to meet the needs of individual clients to corporate funds. 

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