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Industrial Assets

Industrial Assets can be broadly defined as all land and buildings which accommodate industrial activities including production, manufacturing, assembly, warehousing, research, storage, and distribution. Industrial real estate can include warehouses, factories, depots, and storage facilities, and is often inexpensive to own and operate. It typically provides stable cash flow with long-term tenancies.

So, how should you approach an investment in industrial property? As with any investment, it’s important to conduct careful research and be fully aware of the risks associated. While there are many benefits to owning industrial property we at IGNIS offer you various options you can choose to invest in industrial assets.

Value-Add / Redevelopment
We cat IGNIS can help you find an outdated or neglected piece of industrial property, this option can be very rewarding, and subsequent strategies such as buy/hold or buy/sell can make this a very profitable method for industrial investment. Value-add investment consists of renovating an existing property and bringing it up to current market standards. Such deals can be found in Locations which offer value on your investment and help u reap early returns on investment.

Market Value Purchase
Another way to purchase industrial real estate is to find a property that is already leased or ready to be leased. Buying an industrial property that is at market value is very similar to buying any other commercial asset. IGNIS will want to ensure that your returns are at desirable rate, and that your property is in good enough shape to lease minimal improvements.

Land Development
Developing industrial property also has the potential to create profitable returns. IGNIS will First, help u find a piece of undeveloped industrial land. Some commercially zoned land allows for warehouses, so depending on what kind of building you want to construct, you may not be limited to only industrial land. Next, you will need to figure out what it will cost per square foot to build. You’ll need to know what you can fit on the piece of land that you purchase, and make sure that you will have adequate parking for your development.If the numbers make sense and your market demands the intended product, this could be a great way to own industrial real estate!

We at IGNIS help u identify best locations for your industry based on your needs for Power, transportion, Near by Market and Buyers etc. We also help u with Government policy matters and can help u with approvals etc.

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