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International Real Estate Assets

Indian residents are investing in international properties for appreciation in value, end use or rental earnings. The stability of the Indian Rupee and relaxation of RBI rules that permit Indian residents to invest overseas have further created an investment climate favourable for international real estate.

Owning real estate in another country also adds a layer of diversification against political or economic instability.

Potential additional benefits of foreign real estate include:
1/Retirement or vacation home for you.
2/Protecting your money from inflation.
3/Generating an income stream in another currency.
4/Opportunity to obtain residency or a second passport.

Finally, as you consider where you want to make your international real estate investment, you need to carefully consider why you want to make this purchase. If you’re looking for a second home or summer residence, then your ideal property is going to be different from a person who’s looking to earn the highest possible returns.

We at IGNIS are offering u International Assets in UAE, United Kingdom, USA, from reputed builders.

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