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Warehouse Assets

Warehouse as a Asset Class for Investment has seen a jump in demand due to Covid19 many retail operations had already begun the shift away from physical stores to online and omnichannel sales and distribution. Now, post-2020, online shopping and quantity buying are the new norms, which leads to a need for more warehouse space.

e-commerce fulfillment organizations are responsible for roughly 40% of industrial property leases, with that number steadily rising as other brick-and-mortar companies rush to include e-commerce as part of their business models warehouse demand has skyrocketed.

Some factors which determine warehouse rentals are:

1/Warehouse value is estimated using several factors, some of which include its size, location, and what the space can be used for.
2/Condition of the warehouse. Is it older and less secure?
3/The ability to receive/deliver products quickly is a critical component of selecting the site for a warehouse. For e-commerce companies, warehouses need to be located near transportation and have access to airports and seaports in addition to highways.

 Diversifing with different tenant types and asset classes helps mitigate risk with a guard against market instability, offering reliable, passive income with many rewards.Whether you are a seasoned investor or you’re new to the net lease market, the most efficient way to find ideal investments and strategically diversify is to partner with IGNIS as we help u with your warehouse asset investment journey.

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